Are the challenges of uncertain RoI, huge initial investment, lack of skillsets, and fragmented vendor ecosystem delaying your IoT adoption? Our Consulting services are designed to guide our customers through the labyrinth of technology, standards, and best practices that exist in the IoT spectrum. Using our knowledge and expertise, we help map the industry ecosystem, provide industry insights, build business cases and even assist you in validating them



Building IoT solutions typically involves bringing together a heterogeneous mix of IoT endpoints and integration with platforms, back-end systems and data. Ensuring interoperability, high availability, scalability and security is paramount and every vertical solution presents itself with its own challenges.

However, the true value of an IoT solution lies in its data and the insights it provides to ultimately improve business processes. RMR works with you for not only developing smart devices but actually integrating them with larger business processes and systems.

Over the past decades, the internet has evolved from a static repository of interlinked hypertext documents to a dynamic universe of networked humans, machines, and applications.


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