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RAMER’s Customized Staffing Solutions

RAMER has a team of highly skilled industry veterans that work together to create Customized Staffing Solutions based on organization’s unique needs, industry and individual hiring requirements. By maintaining a large pool of fully qualified employees, it allows us to quickly meet the requirements and offer guaranteed results with immediate, reliable solutions to full fill all staffing needs. Our unique approach towards knowledge management enables us to mine all our search data in a shareable database that provides us access to several qualified professionals, thereby enabling faster and higher quality of service to our customers.



Accelerated resource allocations in short time frames, with proven SLAs

Resources with expertise and proficiency in different technologies and domains

Flexible resourcing options – Onshore or Offshore

Fixed and/or T&M costing models

Contract/contract-hire/fulltime assistance as required

Ability to scale up or down services depending on the volume

Relief from resourcing issues to focus on key deliverables

RAMER’s Talent Pool

As a global resource supplier, RAMER has several resources and skill-sets to tap into, and includes a large and diverse pool of dependable, highly skilled professionals. By having a unique staffing approach, we streamline the entire recruiting and placement process while reducing client’s costs through our comprehensive workforce management solutions.

Our customized Recruiting Process also creates a highly collaborative environment between Hiring Managers and our Delivery Organization leading to faster response times for our customer requirements.

RAMER’s Recruiting Cycle

RAMER’s Adapt database is constantly updated and replenished through advertising, direct recruiting, employee referrals and professional job fairs with qualified candidates available.

Flexible Placement Options

Deciding on the best fit for your company should also include the length of term for which you are seeking a candidate’s expertise. We offer three placement options:

At RAMER, we can help:

Locate reliable & skilled resources

Eliminate the cost and time investment needed for internal training Maximize optimal use of resources

Hire qualified workforce to meet challenges and resolve problems with a team of qualified experts.

Contract Placement

Looking for staff to supplement your workforce? Save time and money by letting us recruit, screen, and place the professionals you need for a contract or permanent placement position.

Contract-to-Hire Placement

Need time before you hire? We can place candidates initially on a contractual basis. Then, once the contract ends, you have the opportunity to decide if they would be a good fit for permanent placement on your team.

Direct Placement

Need full-time, permanent employees? We also recruit professionals to work directly for you from the start.

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