RAMER provides SAP solutions that allow organizations to connect the entire enterprise together. Our unique blend of domain, functional and technology skills, help us deliver the right solutions that enable clients to streamline their business processes, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) could be a complete integrated code program that allows equivalence within the business operations. Throughout the length and breadth of your organization, you’ll maintain sleek operations and consistency with the assistance of ERP software


SAP ERP Architecture

As new e-business applications take their place at the core of many organizations’ business processes, enterprises are dependent more than ever on the standard and responsibility of their mission-critical software systems. If e-business applications don’t seem to be developed with rigorous software development and enterprise change management processes, firms will face system failures and periods, loss of worker productivity, limitations on growth, expensive redesigns, and loss of client base. In addition, RAMER has invested in a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE), which works on the best practices framework to guarantee best-in-class program management, quality assured deliverables, and rich business and technical insights.


Why Ramersoft

SAP solutions span the entire enterprise and address all business needs. However, the successful alignment of these solutions with the business requires considerable expertise. RAMER’s SAP solutions enable organizations to innovate faster, allowing them to gain a significant competitive advantage.

Our client base spans diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing clients in auto & auto components, oil & gas, to ballistics, electrical equipment, and real estate, to service clients in logistics and healthcare. This strong foundation of industry knowledge, coupled with solution expertise, empowers our SAP solutions to address all IT and business challenges efficiently.

Our SAP solutions include:

  • SAP Audits
  • SAP Implementation & Rollouts
  • SAP Upgrades & Migrations
  • SAP Application Management & Support
  • SAP Shared Services

SAP solutions provide organizations with a host of benefits, which when coupled with RAMER’s expertise, generate immense business value.

Some key benefits include:

  • Order management capabilities, which improve on-shelf availability and forecast accuracy, to capture spontaneous customer demand
  • Creation of a coordinated, integrated system, which facilitates faster response time to market changes and operational events
  • Flexibility to exploit opportunities for growth through mergers & acquisitions, or new business channels or models, via support for collaborative channel management
  • Supply & demand planning capabilities, which reduces inventory cycle times

Implementation and Rollout

SAP applications optimize business continuity and boost innovation for organizations across the globe. SAP solutions provide an effective way to eliminate gaps between strategy and execution, resulting in faster go-to-market and increased visibility, in a dynamic business environment.

At RAMER, SAP Implementations & Rollouts are designed to provide immediate value-adds to clients. Our software-based enterprise service architecture enables organizations to standardize processes and increase efficiency, effectiveness, and adaptability. Combining our extensive technical, domain, and functional skills, we partner with our clients to create sustainable value for their organizations.

What RAMER Provides

RAMER offers a comprehensive ‘JumpStart’ package that includes a wide range of industry-specific SAP upgrade services. RAMER begins with an assessment of the existing SAP ERP software using time-tested methodologies. Our ability to provide tailored solutions for individual organizations, using industry best practices, is the primary benefit that clients receive.

Our upgrade & migration solution provides them with:

  • Clarity in understanding the actual benefits of the upgrade, as well as identifying pitfalls
  • Long-term ROI and business support in relation to the expenses & risks involved
  • An accurate measurement of the effort estimated to carry out the upgrade
  • Access to the RAMER methodology, upgrade value paths, tools, and proof points
  • Coaching for optimized usage of the environment upgrades
  • Aligned IT and business activities, to provide greater insight into critical end-to-end business processes
  • Sound training followed by comprehensive knowledge transfer and post-project support

Organizations derive immense benefits from SAP applications. When coupled with RAMER’s experience & expertise, these benefits act as key drivers in promoting greater visibility and superior decision-making. When coupled with RAMER’s experience & expertise, these benefits act as key drivers in promoting greater visibility and superior decision-making.

Some key benefits are:

  • Improved profitability management and cash-flow
  • Reduction in production cycle times
  • Improved sales management through CRM Lead Management & Marketing Campaigns
  • Reduced operational costs and optimized processes & capabilities, leading to on-time and on-budget implementations

Continuous investment in new solution environments has become necessary due to fast-moving product & enhancement releases, rising maintenance costs for older SAP releases, and pressure on business process innovation. When you decide to upgrade is, now, as important as what you upgrade to. Competitive advantage is short-lived if not supported by strategic business transformation.

Upgrading to SAP ERP, better positions an organization to take advantage of value drivers that their IT investments provide. Improved functionality in financial & human capital management and benefits from numerous other industry-specific features further help businesses stay at the cutting edge of technology. To get that added advantage over the competition, RAMER provides organizations with a plethora of SAP upgrade and migration services. Our services assist clients in extracting greater value from their SAP ERP software.